Show me the money: 4 critical insights on global wealth

Laurent Demeure shares his top takeaways from the 2017 Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report

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The Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report showcases where financial wealth is occurring globally and which countries will grow in their homebuying and investment power. The 2017 report came out in November. I pay close attention to this report every year, and I’m excited to share some of its findings with you. I utilize the report often in my work with affluent clients. Like you, I always feel the challenge to stay ahead, learn more and always show my skill and understanding of the luxury world. I take notes on the report and use this information during conversations with clients. I encourage you to do the same. The world is definitely a wealthy place having seen global wealth increase last year by $16.7 trillion (USD) to $280 trillion. Our industry played a role in that increase as real estate and tangible assets rose 6.5 percent compared to financial assets 5.8 percent worldwide. While I -- and so many of my luxury real estate professionals in Europe -- pay close attention ...