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Showing international agents (and their clients) what your locale has to offer can lead to more sold listings and international referrals
Jun 22
Tax benefits for the wealthy are drawing interest
Mar 22
The two questions Laurent Demeure gets asked the most
Jan 11
Laurent Demeure shares his top takeaways from the 2017 Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report
Dec 15
President Macron pro-business and entrepreneurship approach is helping fuel luxury renaissance
Nov 17

Russia takes the 16 spot on the list of countries with the most millionaires at 152,000. Its wealth is extremely concentrated, which means that those who are rich are very rich.

Oct 20

I had a meeting with a Russian. I admit it. In fact, I had several meetings with Russians. And the meetings have even occurred in Moscow! I thought that might get your attention. But please understand that there was nothing sneaky here, and you do not need to tell CNN.

Aug 25

I will never forget the exciting day when I agreed to buy the rights to franchise with Coldwell Banker in France and Monaco. It changed my life and brought great personal and professional benefits.

Jul 7