HomeFundMe crowdfunding platform now available as employee benefit

'Affinity Portal' makes it easy for companies to add HomeFundMe to their employees' benefits package

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Individuals looking to overcome the down payment barrier to purchasing a home may be eligible for assistance through their employer, thanks to a new program. HomeFundMe, the down payment assistance crowdfunding platform introduced by national mortgage banking firm CMG Financial in October, officially announced the launch of the Affinity Portal Wednesday, which makes it easy for companies to add HomeFundMe to their employees’ benefits package. The platform is the first and only down payment crowdfunding site approved by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. By adding HomeFundMe to their benefits package, companies give employees access to the entire platform, which includes a real estate agent, housing agency coach and fundraising coaches to help potential homebuyers set and reach their down payment goal, in addition to loan origination services from CMG Financial. The platform also offers homebuying education, and unlike GoFundMe and Kickstarter -- which both collect a 5 percent fee -- H...