Patrick's Stories

Pam Liebman dishes on coded discriminatory language in real estate and the Fair Housing Act training that all new agents at Corcoran are required to attend
Today 1:53 P.M.
Porch's proprietary repair estimate report app is now available via the Keller Cloud marketplace
Today 8:00 A.M.
A 3-year 'Newsday' investigation into housing discrimination has elicited strong reactions from the real estate industry
Nov 20
Real Trends released a new ranking of the top agents and teams by brand on Tuesday
Nov 19
Elliman Studio features a CRM, marketing and business management tools
Nov 19
Compass has 'acqui-hired' the 4-person team behind the New York City-based AI and machine learning startup
Nov 19
Experts agree that consumers save more, when there's more short-term rentals. One study found that's even more concentrated near holidays
Nov 19
Schwartz joined Zillow in 2007, and the company will realign responsibilities under current leaders
Nov 18