The truth about millennial homebuyers

What you should know about working with this generation

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The millennial penchant for artisanal cuisine, coupled with their apparent reluctance to invest, has been the source of much debate in recent months. Who knew craft beer and cold brew coffee could spark so much controversy? While older generations worry about the economic impact of perceived generational changes in spending habits, millennials are quick to point to student loan debt and an increased cost of living as the culprit of their alleged financial woes. But when it comes to homeownership, could both sides of the generational spectrum be misinformed? Here are a few misnomers floating around out there about millennials and the truth. Warning: The facts may shock you. Average age of first-time homeowners According to the National Association of Realtors, the age of first-time homeowners has remained relatively stagnant over the past 40 years, shifting only slightly and staying around 30-31. Takeaway: Millennials are entering the housing market -- and only slightl...