Nooklyn raises $825k for roommate, rental platform

Brooklyn startup raises a seed round to create end-to-end leasing product

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Brooklyn rental and roommate startup Nooklyn raised $825,000 in a round of seed funding, the platform announced Friday. Nooklyn lets users search available rooms, apartments and roommates in Brooklyn. Users can search for an available room in an apartment or match with potential roommates to try to find an apartment together. "Our mission is to fix the experience of finding apartments," CEO Harley Courts said in a statement. "We've found great people who share our mission and the desire to build a lasting company." The firm Patoma, which specializes in Brooklyn multi-family developments and some early-stage tech investments, led the seed round. Other real estate developers contributed to the investment, the startup said. Nooklyn plans to use its seed funding to expand from Brooklyn into Manhattan and expand its engineering, design and data teams to turn its platform into an end-to-end leasing product. Right now, the platform offers Nooklyn Apply to apply for apartments; Noo...