What is leadership anyway? Notes from a broker on the fringe

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

After reading Brad Inman’s “Let’s revolutionize real estate industry leadership — who’s in?” article, I've decided I am on the “fringes” of the real estate industry. There isn’t a thing I can do to revolutionize anything even if wanted to, and I don’t think I can help Inman with his mission and make a living, too. I agree that the industry needs to be revolutionized, and I would need some specific goals and objectives to justify the revolution. Buying a house isn’t like buying a cup of coffee or a car and selling a house isn’t like selling shoes or stocks. The real estate industry itself isn’t anything like the travel and hospitality industry. Buying real estate is exactly like buying real estate just like buying a cup of coffee is exactly like buying a cup of coffee. On the fringe Maybe I am a real estate industry radical on the fringe. I don’t even see the industry as a single entity that can be revolutionized. I see it as a huge collection of b...