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Postamo is a new social media publisher for agents and brokerages

The company also has a scheduling tool and a hashtag builder in the works
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  • Postamo is a social media tool for real estate agents and brokers to create, publish and manage Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Company launched during week of ICNY 18 and will soon have iOS and Android apps available.

Postamo is a social media tool for real estate agents and brokers to create, publish and manage Facebook and Twitter posts.

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Postamo is a social media tool for real estate agents and brokers to create, publish and manage Facebook and Twitter posts.

Platforms: Browser
Ideal for: All agents, teams and brokerages.

Top selling points

  • Library of provided content
  • Clean, simple publishing experience
  • Branded listing pages for agents

Top concerns

While I agree that larger systems like Hootsuite and Sprout Social may be too robust for agents’ needs, Postamo may at this stage be too little. It is newly launched, however, and has room for growth.

What you should know

Postamo excels at making social media content easy to create and publish.

Its branded individual listing pages, linked from Facebook posts or tweets, are a smart use of landing page tactics essential to social media success.


Like many other products of this ilk, as well as many customer relationship management tools (CRMs), Postamo is providing users with a deep library of industry-relevant content for agents to share and publish.

With the recent adjustment to Facebook’s news feed algorithm to favor personal exchanges, I worry about the value of listicle and home improvement content.

Will it even land on potential customers’ pages? More over, given the very small percentage of “likes” that are looking to buy, is this kind of content more shotgun than rifle?

That said, I’m sure the change caught Postamo toward the end of its development (the company launched during ICNY 18), so with time, it can change the tactics behind its content provision features.

Postamo’s library also accesses current industry news from around the web. This evergreen information is quality content for agents to use, as it demonstrates an eye for market awareness and current events that better drive conversation.

Articles are divided into four categories: buying, selling, lifestyle and custom. The latter allows users to create their own material.

Each article shared promotes the agent’s identity with a small sidebar and branded footer that clicks into a stand-alone bio page. It’s a nice touch.

I very much like the visual previews of each article that can be shared, and the post preview lets users remain confident in what they’re posting. Each news article post can be customized or left to the standard summaries.

Facebook posts can be placed on personal, business or team pages, allowing marketing managers to oversee content distribution for multiple agents.

Postamo is lacking a video component at this stage, but a dry icon is in place on the content dashboard and I was told the feature will launch soon, as will LinkedIn and Pinterest sharing features.

Overall, the software’s user experience appears streamlined, leveraging an icon-based user interface (UI) to move swiftly from content choice through to publication. Getting this part right is a key component for software in this arena given how quickly a social media post can turn on a publisher if not 100 percent correct when released.

The company is also building a scheduling tool and a hashtag builder. This makes me wonder: will Postamo build itself into direct competition with the more comprehensive platforms it’s positioning itself against?

Additional features include a post preview mechanism and contact forms on listing pages. Its apps for both iOS and Android are expected in Q2.

There is potential in Postamo, but I still consider Buffer to be the most value-driven social media management tool for agents at the moment.

But moments go by quickly, and Postamo is built specifically for real estate agents. Let’s see where it goes from here.

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