simon sinek inman connect new york 2018

ICNY 18: Simon Sinek on finding your ‘why’ in real estate

Captivating speaker takes the stage to discuss fulfilling work and leadership that inspires

Watch visionary thinker and best-selling author Simon Sinek, whose Ted Talk is one of the most-viewed of all time, help an audience of real estate professionals find their "why" -- in other words, your reason for waking up in the morning, and the thing that makes your friends, clients and colleagues connect with you. "A 'why' is not 'to help people find the home of their dreams,'" Sinek said onstage at Inman Connect New York in a session moderated by RealScout's Andrew Flachner. "That's just the job you do. Your 'why' is the thing that makes you who you are ... Your ability to articulate that in clear and compelling terms is a thing that actually creates a real relationship much more efficiently with a seller or a buyer." Finally, listen to hear insights from his instant-classic book, Start With Why, and learn about the movement encouraging people to do what inspires them. Watch more sessions from ICNY 18 here. Email Inman  ...