Stop giving money to your competition

Tom Ferry’s 7 tips for turning leads into commissions

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All the money is in knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it to convert more of your leads into loyal, referral-happy customers.

Let me say it again. All the money is in conversion.

That being the case, below are my seven tips that will help you convert more leads into commissions.

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Know your outcome

Before you pick up the phone, decide what outcome you want to achieve. If your goal is conversion, then the outcome you think of should always be: “Book an Appointment!”

Even if you’re calling just to check in on a friend, be thinking, “Book an Appointment.” Calling to confirm moving forward on a deal? “Book an Appointment!” If you’re calling to see if they have any interest in buying or selling, definitely keep “Book an Appointment” front of mind.

You see where I’m going with this? Make sure the story you tell yourself before you pick up the phone aligns with the outcome you want to achieve.

Always build rapport

If you want to convert more leads, you have to get out of yourself and in the moment with the client.

One of the most successful techniques for building rapport with someone is mirroring. With every person you talk to, match their tone, volume, rate of speech and the type of language they use.

If they speak slowly, don’t create a natural disconnect by becoming that “fast-talking salesperson.” People like others who are like them. When you match someone’s style, you build instant rapport.

Diversify your delivery

People tend to have unique communication preferences and platforms they feel most comfortable using. Make it as easy as possible for them to connect with you.

Whether it’s text, video, email or private DMs, today’s great agents are willing to do everything possible to reach clients in the way that works best for them. Be flexible, give options and reap the rewards.

Master the prequalification basics

Don’t waste your time with unqualified leads. Use these eight questions to qualify every appointment:

  • What’s your goal in moving?
  • How soon do you want to move? Why?
  • What’s motivating you to move?
  • Who else is involved in the process?
  • What’s important to you in the agent you choose?
  • What’s important to you in the house you buy?
  • What’s your Plan B?
  • What has to happen for you to move forward?

Once you book the appointment, here are my best tips for a rock-solid listing presentation.

Capture details and create context

The more I feel like I know you and feel comfortable with you, the more willing I am to do business with you. Creating context goes a long way toward creating that environment.

The more you show you understand what’s important to a prospect, that you’re paying attention, the easier getting the appointment will become.

Put them in a follow-up plan

You’re not always going to book an appointment on a first call with a prospect. In fact, the vast majority of appointments come from consistent, tenacious follow-up.

Here are three tips:

  • If someone says they’ll be ready in 30 days, follow up daily.
  • If they say they’ll be ready in 90 days, follow up twice a week to stay top of mind.
  • If they say they’ll be ready in six months or more, follow up twice a month until they’re in the 90-day window.

Don’t settle for “no” or “maybe”

Have you ever hung up the phone feeling like you’re oh-so-close to getting the appointment, but there’s just one final holdup? “Let me follow up with my spouse.” “We just haven’t decided yet, call me back in a couple days.” It’s frustrating. It’s also a huge mistake.

Instead of letting them off the hook, push back and set a tentative appointment. Give them the option to cancel it if things change, but get the appointment!

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