How to score real estate listings using Google Plus

This social media platform is perfect for niche building

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 17-20, 2018

Lately, it seems like all of our social media platforms are shaking up their formulas. Facebook has changed its algorithm to favor personal connections over brand pages. Twitter doubled its character count. Snapchat moved everyone’s cheese, inspiring over 1.2 million users to petition for a rollback. Even Google Plus has made its new layout a permanent shift. As is the case with many of its competitors, the Google Plus platform has evolved over time, and in its current iteration, it's arguably more useful than ever before. Users can stay up to date with just a glance, while marketers can leverage their profiles for an SEO boost. The new layout, which looks like a cross between Pinterest and a Google search result page, also makes lots of sense. The platform has also long since done away with automatically creating a profile for every Google account (possibly because most profiles weren’t ever posting anything) and built a focus around communities. So who is st...