4 Facebook sales strategies most of us get wrong

No one likes to be sold to

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Before Facebook, we had Craigslist. Posting our ads in the real estate section and waiting for the responses to roll in was the game. For me at least, this was a cornerstone of my business in New York City at the time. Nearly none of the skills we learned during that time translate to social media sales in today’s world. Since the Marketplace section was added to Facebook, it has helped some of us continue without adapting, but is that progress? I don’t think so. Social media is not about sales at all, and that's where most real estate agents miss the mark. They are trying to close a deal on their timeline. It doesn’t work that way.  Here are four key elements that raise your effectiveness on Facebook.  Engagement Facebook has always been about engagement. Recently, the powers that be raised the stakes on engagement by shifting the algorithms -- again. For some, this is a big problem. For others, it is business as usual. Facebook is designed for interaction no...