What real estate pros should know about the new Snapchat

The only thing that’s constant is change

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Last year, I switched from a PC to a Mac because I thought it couldn’t be that hard to learn, however, I very quickly found myself lost and spending hours on tasks that used to take me minutes. I kept telling myself that millions of people couldn’t be wrong. Apple users aren’t just fans, they're fanatics, and they must know something that I didn’t. I googled how to do everything, and after a few weeks of cursing this 13-inch technological quagmire, things started to become easier and make sense. Now, I love my Mac! I realize now that my resistance stemmed from my fear of change. Just like the changeover from one system to another, the latest Snapchat update is proving to be a bit shocking to its user base. It’s not really fair to label the recent change as an “update,” when truthfully, it’s a complete platform redesign. Snapchat didn’t simply add a few new features, it totally overhauled the user experience. Who knew that the "dying" app could stir up so m...