How to grow a real estate YouTube audience in 5 easy steps

Get more online attention for your business by creating video
  • Real estate professionals can gain traction on YouTube by creating video consistently, adding multiple calls to action and syndicating their efforts.

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Many real estate agents are seeing tremendous value gained by implementing video in their business. Much of that "video following" revolves around having an active YouTube channel, which makes sense as this medium of communication reaches more Americans (on mobile devices alone) than any TV network. Increasing interest in YouTube for real estate has prompted many agents to ask questions like: How do I grow a YouTube channel? How can I get video views and gain subscribers? What is the best way to rank videos in a YouTube search? The answers to these questions are addressed within the following five easy steps real estate agents can take to maximize their YouTube channel for business growth. 1. Upload videos consistently Sounds elementary, but your YouTube channel won't get off the ground or gain audience traction if you're only uploading content sporadically. Imagine subscribing to a local paper that only arrived every once in a while; your interest in that publica...