How this investor’s mindset shifts led to his success

Get your head right, and the rest will follow

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Think back to your biggest accomplishment. Maybe it was graduating from college, starting a business or even something personal, like losing weight, running a marathon or quitting a bad habit. What was the first step? Before anything got done, you had to start with the belief that you could achieve that goal. What are your real estate investing goals this year? Whatever you hope to accomplish, it starts with mindset. Kansas City’s John Wiley is a brand ambassador for Think Realty, and his progression as a real estate investor and mentor comes around to mindset. “Since I was 7 years old, I learned to be in a real estate state of mind,” he said. Starting out as an investor, Wiley paid $500 for his first property and did all the work himself. Seven years later, he had built a significant portfolio from those bootstrap beginnings.   In this post, we'll highlight my discussion with John Wiley from a recent podcast interview. Listen to the full podcast below. ...