Become a Zillow power-user with these 5 tips

Leverage the popular portal's profile to reach more prospects

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Odds are, if you're a real estate agent, you already have a Zillow account. You probably even have a couple reviews and a few sold listings. But just as your Facebook page can sit idly and collect dust, and your LinkedIn bio can either draw in recruiters or detract them -- it's one thing to have a Zillow profile, and another to mindfully create one that will work for you every day. Try these five tips to harness the power of your Zillow profile. Get reviews Chances are, your former clients have great things to say about you, but the problem is getting them to say it to other people. Sure, they have friends and family but not a big enough circle to support your whole business. Zillow gives your clients the chance to leave you a stellar review for all to see. Ever had potential clients waste a lot of your time looking at houses and never purchase? Turn that time-suck into an opportunity by asking them to leave a review on your Zillow profile about the time you patiently spe...