What your lead follow-up is missing

Tom Ferry says love your leads and they’ll love you back

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Be honest. Do you treat every lead the same way you do your best client? If you said yes, you’re either incredibly rich or a great liar.

The incredibly rich know they need to love on every lead.

I want to give you the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 29 tactics our coaching members use to wow every person they connect with — and earn 10X the industry average.

As a video-first coaching company, we know video is the No. 1 way to connect with your audience. Mastering video is the first step, and that’s why we created How to Use Video for Online Lead Follow-Up, a white paper including real-world videos that actual agents use to convert more leads. Download it now!

Below are the critical day-by-day strategies to make every one of your leads love you.

Day 1 — three actions

Send email with video. As soon as a lead comes in, have an automatic email that goes out immediately. To battle the challenge of faceless communication, ideally make it a video email. Here are seller and buyer scripts you can use:

  • “We sell homes two times faster, for an average of 1.9 percent more and average 4.96-star reviews, and we’d love the opportunity to help you with your real estate goals. You can call, text or email me at … .”
  • “We help our clients buy the right home, at the right price, for the right terms, in the right time frame, and we would be honored to help you do the same.”

Call them within five minutes. If you get no response, immediately send them a text.

Find out more about them. If they are a high-target prospect, do some research on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Day 2 — be consistent

If you haven’t heard back yet, call, text and email to follow up between 8 and 10 a.m. and again between 4 and 6 p.m.

Be sure this is on your calendar and that you contact all your follow-up leads every day.

Use this script: “Hi [name], yesterday you (action) and I’m following up to make sure you received the information you needed. I’m here to help, answer questions or schedule a showing. Call me at … .”

You can also make it easier to connect with your leads by using a service such as Calendly that allows them to self-schedule an appointment with you.

Have you ever sat down with an expert to discuss your business one-on-one? Every day our coaching consultants help agents take stock of where they’re at and how they can improve. Request your consultation today!

Day 3 through 28 — don’t quit!

Continue the pursuit! Don’t give up! Remember, the majority of business is won through tenacious follow-up, not by a “first-call close.” You need to be persistent!

Call, text and email the prospect every five days until they respond. Put this in your email subject line or send it as a text: “Are you still interested in buying or selling this year?”

Day 29 (or until they do something)

If you still haven’t received any response, add the prospect to your email list, your “call every 90 days” list, and your Facebook custom audience for marketing.

Become a follow-up expert!

I encourage you to revisit this video until you’ve mastered this follow-up system.

Put these tactics in place, follow the system and I guarantee your lead conversion will become easier and more automatic.

I gave you several follow-up scripts in this article, but we also have scripts for many of the challenges you face on a daily basis. Check out our brand new Real Estate Scripts Bundle today and download it for free!