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3 time management activities to book more appointments

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I’m sure it’s happened to you.

You show up at the office with the best intentions to make the most of your day. Yet hours later, you head home feeling like you didn’t accomplish one thing that will bring in the bucks.

In this business, it’s way too easy to waste time on “busy work” that doesn’t contribute to your bottom line.

To combat this dilemma, I’ve got three money-making activities you should do each and every day.

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Focus on one thing

There’s only one leading indicator of a healthy sales business.

It’s not how busy you are throughout the day. It’s not replying to emails. It’s not even generating lots of leads.

Pure and simple, it’s appointments.

If you’re not getting face-to-face with homebuyers and sellers, you’re not making money in this business.

It’s cause and effect – the more appointments you go on, the more signed contracts you get, the more homes you sell, and the more money you make. Whatever you focus on, expands.

So to book more appointments, that’s where your focus needs to be.

Below are three activities to get you started.

Schedule your day around being in front of customers

Schedule every day around two things: Booking appointments and going on appointments!

Reserve a two-hour block every morning to make phone calls and book appointments. Call FSBOs, Expireds, your past clients and sphere, and follow up on leads you’ve generated.
And, if you’re struggling to book appointments, ask yourself these questions:

  • “What do I need to do today to generate three appointments?”
  • “What kind of mindset do I need to have?”
  • “What do I need to say?”
  • “What kind of appointments do I want to attract?”

You should be going on two to three appointments each day. These can be showings, previews, a coffee meeting with someone from your sphere, listing presentations — the list goes on and on.

Schedule three to five coffee meetings every week

Even if you don’t have a listing appointment or a great showing appointment, you still need to be getting face-to-face with potential customers.

One great way is a coffee meeting, a casual meetup with prospects, opportunities, and people from your ecosystem. It’s a great chance to catch up, provide value and maintain top-of-mind awareness.

Play T.A.G. — “The Appointment Game”

If you’re not going on enough appointments, challenge yourself to an ambitious monthly goal.

The catch is you must be tracking and measuring the number of appointments you go on. Create a consequence if you miss the goal and a reward if you achieve it.

Real estate is a contact sport!

If you’re not focusing every day around appointments, you’re not using your time effectively. Start turning your time into money with these three activities.

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