Yes, agents need a mobile app. No, it's not as hard as you think.

Mobile apps are key to client engagement with Real Estate Webmasters

The most visited websites on the planet—Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon — all have companion apps. This isn’t a surprise when you consider most people spend 60% of their time on mobile devices.

Zillow,, and Redfin now have mobile apps. So it’s time for agents to take a closer look at this beneficial marketing channel.

Here’s why:

1. Increased brand loyalty

Imagine your client comes across a home for sale sign. She pulls out her phone to search for the home. That’s known as a micro-moment.

You need to be present to your client in these micro-moments.

Chances are, your client is programmed to turn to a search engine like Google—even though she may have already used and loved your website in the past.

But if your app is already sitting on her home screen, you can be there for your client in that micro-moment, bypassing a Google search and the potential of a competitor’s website in the search results.

Through repeated app use, your clients will begin to associate you with searching for homes, boosting your reputation and increasing the odds they’ll give you their business.

2. Drive user engagement and retention

A 2018 Criteo retail industry study found that mobile apps have three times the conversion rate of the mobile web.

Why? Because apps keep users engaged.

Once a client has downloaded your app, you can send push notifications directly to their phone to draw them back in at any time.

Whether it’s a new listing, a price reduction, or a recommendation directly from you, personalized push notifications can re-engage a user who wouldn’t have returned to your website or read your emails.

3. Your competition is already there

Real Estate Webmasters (REW) has previously discussed the importance of treating search portals as your direct competitors.

Our market research indicates that many home buyers favor IDX apps.

“I use mobile, but not for agents’ sites. You get way better functionality on the Zillow,, and Redfin apps,” explained one of our research respondents.

A website is a one-size-fits-all solution for any potential visitor with a wide range of possible goals, whereas app users are, typically further down the sales funnel, only there to search for properties.

An app can focus solely on providing a seamless property search experience, making sure every search micro-moment hits the mark.

What to look for in a mobile app solution

If apps are so great, why aren’t more agents and brokers using them already?

That’s because apps have historically been too expensive to customize, or not customizable enough at a lower price point. Agents should zero in on three key features when exploring a mobile app solution:

  • Branding. Brand recognition is key so the mobile app solution should create a unique look that captures you and your business.
  • Intuitive design. The app has to be lightning-fast and easy-to-navigate for a smooth client experience.
  • Messages and notifications. You need in-app messaging and push notifications to instantly connect with your leads on their mobile devices.

The REW IDX App for iOS and Android is loaded with all these incredible features and more at a price point that is more affordable than you might think. Learn more about the app here.

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