In 2019, win more listings by helping your agents advertise more listings

Brokers, give your agents the secret weapon they need to close more listing deals through automated digital advertising

Today’s sellers expect their properties to be promoted online.

Not exactly shocking news.

From YouTube shows on staging and Facebook Live market reports, to drip campaigns and endless portal-published pages of available homes, your agents are trying to put themselves—and their listings—everywhere consumers are going online.

Not all of them are hitting their targets.

It’s also no secret that today’s agents need to be as digitally-proficient as they are deal-savvy, and the modern high-touch, web-forward home seller won’t accept anything less.

It’s not enough for your offices to simply have websites and active Twitter feeds. Those are the starting points. Your agents need to show listing leads that their online marketing strategy is unique, impactful, and ready-to-go almost instantly after the listing agreement is signed. This means harnessing the power of automation and rapid listing dissemination.

It starts with the broker

More often than not, your agents don’t have the time, expertise, or money to develop and execute complex online marketing campaigns. This is where you, the broker, can right the ship.

As you know, the speed at which a property hits the market matters. After all, time kills deals, and agents that drag out the marketing process aren’t typically those that earn your office more referrals.

The Automated Listings Advertising Program™ by Adwerx Enterprise is designed to drastically smooth out any friction between listing agreement and marketing launch.

As a broker, you can roll out Adwerx’s service quickly and easily. You’ll automatically feed new listings to an online listing advertising campaign, allowing your agents’ properties to be promoted across the premium websites and social media platforms their clients are visiting everyday, giving the listing maximum exposure in the shortest amount of time.

The innovative program integrates directly with your data feed, so that listing ads go live as soon as a property is publicly launched. There is no more paperwork, no more assistants that need to be “brought up to speed,” and no more gradual ramp-up of marketing tactics.

Sometimes it’s better to show than tell

With an automated online advertising strategy, your teams and agents can demonstrate their marketing prowess right at listing appointments. They can substantiate that their online outreach program launches quicker than their competitors’, and that it allows for easy, ongoing changes as the market reacts to the property.

“We had to find a new way to be different,” said Gina LaPlaca, of RE/MAX Gold in California. “And I feel like Adwerx really sets us apart.”

Using retargeting, a proven tactic that involves following users around the sites they visit, potential homebuyers will be followed around with the home’s ad, keeping the property top-of-mind even after they leave your website. Your agents can impress their listing prospects with the same technology used by the world’s biggest brands.

Kick off 2019 with digital listing automation

With fall looming, it will soon be time to analyze the first three quarters of 2018 to understand which marketing efforts you provided for your agents were most effective. What in your budget may no longer be effective, and where do you have opportunity to shift dollars?

If you’re not already doing so, it’s time to consider a place for automated listing advertising in your 2019 budget.

When combined with social media outreach, an effective email campaign, and plenty of disciplined follow-up, an automated digital advertising strategy can become your office’s most effective tool for earning agents more business in the coming year.

And come this time next year, how to win more listings will no longer be a concern.

One of the fastest growing companies in real estate technology, Adwerx automates digital advertising for brokerages to delight the seller and increase agent satisfaction. Working with over 115,000 real estate customers, Adwerx helps individual agents promote themselves and their listings online, with custom ads optimized for Facebook, mobile and the web. Learn how easy it is to automate your advertising today.