New agents: 11 tips you need to know

Tom Ferry asks two superstar agents what they’d do differently if starting their careers over again

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They say hindsight is 20/20, so I asked two rockstar agents what they would do differently if starting over today– knowing what they know now.

Whether you’re a new agent or simply interested in hearing the strategies and philosophies of these superstar agents, Jeremy Cady and Anne Schreiber, I strongly encourage you to read this article.

Give your lead gen a fighting chance

Many new agents jump from one lead gen tactic to the next without ever giving any of them enough time to generate results. Choose your strategies and then be consistent with them. See them through for at least nine months – or even an entire year – before evaluating their results.

Have a business plan

A career in real estate provides wonderful flexibility to fit any size goal you desire. But if you’re serious about it, you absolutely must look at it from the perspective that it’s not a hobby. You’re running a business. That means you have to understand it will take time to build it, and you must have a business plan that serves as the architectural blueprint on which to build your business. Download your Business Plan template here.

Don’t take rejection personally

There’s a big difference between people who simply aren’t ready to move and people who reject you outright. Anne sometimes confused the two early in her career, and her coach needed to remind her that just because people didn’t have a need for her services at that time didn’t mean they were rejecting her personally.

Have a powerful morning routine

Both Jeremy and Anne stressed the importance of having a powerful morning routine, including setting time aside for prospecting. Then tailor your morning routine to do the things that matter most to you. The more intentional you are, the more you can take control of your life.

Play to your strengths

Every agent who enters this business has his or her own set of strengths and weaknesses. The quickest way for those individuals to fail is for them to try to be something they’re not. The key is recognizing your own strengths and designing your business around what you do best. We talked about this more here.

Know your daily numbers

When you know your numbers, everything becomes crystal clear. Track and measure everything starting now!

For Jeremy, it was all about knowing how many conversations will lead to a contract, how many contracts will lead to a closing, and how he can mathematically repeat that process. Business is math.

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Practice through role play

Developing skills is a matter of practice. But that “practice” cannot be when working with a customer. Find a role play partner who is willing to be honest and tell you, “That was terrible.” If you need scripts to learn, download our List & Win bundle for more than 60 pages of proven resources.

Prove you’re listening

People want to be heard, especially when something as important as their home is on the line. Repeating people’s answers back to them plays a huge role in gaining a homeowner’s confidence. It not only proves you’re listening, but also that you’re understanding what they say.

Present with passion

The key to success is having confidence behind whatever you present. It doesn’t really matter what your specialty or expertise is, but you’ve got to have passion behind it. You can read more about that here.

You must know your “why

It’s essential to have a reason why you’re getting into real estate — beyond “to make money” or “to sell a lot of houses.” You need to make it personal. What will your success mean to you? Spell it out in great detail and keep your “why” up and visual to keep you motivated at all times.

Be extremely genuine

When you’re genuine, every other aspect of your business comes alive naturally: from your listing presentation, to who you are, to what you’re doing, etc. Serve from the heart and avoid having “commission breath.”

Thanks to Jeremy and Anne for sharing their experience. If you’re a new agent, take these to heart. And if you’re a not-new agent, see what inspires you to start afresh today!