Inman announces new Title Sponsor of Inman Connect Las Vegas 2019

Real Estate Webmasters takes the Title spot when Inman moves to a new city

In July 2019, Inman will do two things we’ve never done before. We’ll host Inman Connect in Las Vegas. And we’ll have an inaugural Title Sponsor of Inman Connect Last Vegas.

The Title Sponsor receives top billing for the event and will help shape a more cogent conference, taking point for the industry as a whole. This opportunity offers us a chance to think bigger, be bolder and find new ways to engage and educate top agents and brokers. And Inman is thrilled to announce that Real Estate Webmasters (REW) will be our inaugural Title Sponsor of Inman Connect Las Vegas.

“This is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for Inman and Inman Connect,” said Brad Inman, Publisher. “It’s a privilege to work with Real Estate Webmasters in shaping a new world-class experience for Connect attendees that touches on every element of doing business better in real estate.”

“2019 will showcase our expansion upstream into the enterprise space and our industry hires are going to have a massive impact,” said Morgan Carey, CEO and Founder of Real Estate Webmasters. “Inman Connect has been a great venue for us to showcase our verticals, so when the new Title Sponsorship opportunity became available, I knew we had to do it.”

And something about that opportunity happening in Las Vegas, of all places, played right into the company’s sense of fun and celebration. “You can be guaranteed there will be a crazy karaoke party. It will be off the hook,” Carey promised.

After 22 years hosting our event in San Francisco, it was time. The move was prompted by many factors, from convenience to physical space to weather. But the biggest driving force was the goal of providing a more powerful experience for Connect attendees. More accommodations. More amenities. More programming with dynamic speakers and panels. And more unique partnership opportunities.

The theme of Inman Connect Las Vegas is Bigger, Bolder, Better. Few locations are bigger and bolder than Las Vegas. Join Inman and REW at Inman Connect Las Vegas to see how much better it’s going to be.