Why tech companies turn to brokerages for innovation

The reason why a symbiotic relationship between brokerages and technologists is essential

Too often, those of us who serve the real estate industry turn to fear mongering. We’re all guilty of it – constantly warning about coming changes and urging brokerages to get with the times or perish. But occasionally, it is necessary.

The thing is, while some brokerages stick their heads in the sand and refuse to change (and never will), the vast majority of well-run brokerages are already strategizing to combat said changes.

And in many situations, these well-run brokerages are actually the ones that force the technology industry to change and innovate.

Over the past year, we’ve seen hundreds of agents implementing Facebook Ads into their marketing strategies through platforms like MoxiWorks, and they’re seeing great success. But what we haven’t had in our suite of tools is the ability to give the brokerage more control. We discovered over various conversations that a strong brokerage-supported, listing-focused advertising capability is fundamental.

That’s why we expanded the MoxiMarketing suite. Now our client brokerages can support their agents by investing in advertising tools. Our ad subsidization tool, which lets brokerages sponsor agent ads, is launching today. And our ad syndication tool, which enables brokerages to run bulk ads, is going to hit the market at the beginning of the New Year.

A new advertising model for brokerages, as requested by brokerages

With MoxiMarketing, the brokerage can take a leadership role by initially promoting a property then enabling the listing agent to continue the promotion – as appropriate – for the life of that listing.

Essentially, we’ve created a subscription model at the brokerage level for automated ads, and it’s all thanks to the feedback we get from our owners and brokerage clients.

These various new tools will help brokers retain and recruit agents with digital marketing support that doesn’t involve heavy lifting for the brokerage’s services members. For example, brokerages can choose to set one listing ad per agent for the month, or for a set duration. They can select certain offices, price points, or specific agents to whom they want to extend more support. Really, the power stays with them.

The best ideas aren’t always ours

Day-to-day life here at MoxiWorks is full of brilliant people tossing around brilliant ideas, always trying to come up with the best features, products, and tools for our brokerage clients to arm their agents. It’s exciting, and most of the time, we hit the bull’s eye, delighting our clients and even turning some heads along the way.

However, we’re not so self-righteous to think we always get it right and we always know what’s best. Things change and new data provides insight into making a course correction.

For example, our Facebook Ads tool, while competitive and easy for agents to use, didn’t check all the boxes for brokerages. So they told us. This symbiotic relationship with our client brokerages is crucial to our success. We now feel that from a feature set and overall value, the MoxiWorks advertising suite will stand above other products available on the market.

In the end, the brokerages that thrive and survive over time are the ones that invest in tools and technology that empower their agents and support their listings in every way conceivable. When brokerages tell technologists what they want to fill their needs, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Learn how to get this new ads feature for your brokerage here.