Inman Connect New York: Hacker Connect Video Recap

Watch all of this year's Hacker Connect speakers in one place

Watch all of Inman Connect New York 2018’s Hacker Connect sessions in one place, and learn from such presentations as breakthroughs in predictive analytics, what’s new at Facebook, Zillow, Google &, overcoming the tech integration problem and how to successfully roll out a new product.


Connect 10 x 10: Tools to Tap Value in Your Real Estate Data
Cary Hatton Sylvester, Josh Vickery

Live Problem Solving
Jeremy Crawford, Jonathan Aizen


Connect 10 x 10: Breakthroughs in Predictive Analytics
Andrew Sheh

Live Problem Solving
Jess Martin, Lucie Fortier


Product Update: What’s New at Facebook, Zillow, Google &
Keith Watts, Sara Bonert, Paul Watson, Todd Callow

Live Problem Solving
Amanda Maricle-Roberts, Masha Sharma


Overcoming the Tech Integration Problem
Lucie Fortier, Shane Farkas, Stefan Martinovic

Connect 10 x 10: Hacks That Are Making Life Easier for Agents
Mike O’Toole


The Eleventh Hour: How to Successfully Roll Out a New Product
Katherine McMahan, Matthew Shadbolt

New Ways of Using APIs and Alternatives such as GraphQL
L.D. Salmanson, Nic Cavigliano


Authentication Game Changers: Biometrics, Fingerprints & Other Technologies
Andrew Gowasack

Live Problem Solving
Jon Mabe, Zvi Band


Cool Stuff Opendoor is Inventing
Zain Memon

Internet of Things: What is Next?
Dr. Kate Stone