In 2019, think like a platform, not a brokerage

Strategies to adapt to a changing landscape to recruit and retain your agents

The real estate industry is at a pivotal moment. Change is not only coming; it’s already here. It’s disrupting the industry, and traditional brokerages are the ones most affected. It’s a space that will become more and more crowded, fighting for the same pool of agents in a market that is delivering more options than ever before.

Thinking like a platform is how you’ll stay ahead in this constantly evolving landscape.

A platform provides agents with a specialized solution that allows them to become more effective and productive agents. Becoming a platform is how you’ll create an environment where it will be easier for your agents to be more successful with YOU than with anyone else. When you think in that mindset, your business will be taken to a level that competitors can’t begin to touch.

So, how exactly does a brokerage become a platform?

Automate your agents’ workflow
The first step to becoming a platform is enabling automation. Incorporate technology that does tasks for your agents, effectively making it easier for them to do their jobs. Take digital advertising as an example. Agents who are required to manage this type of advertising by themselves need to:

  • Learn to create and resize photos to meet the platform’s specifications
  • Set up a customized target audience to reach potential home buyers
  • Post ads across Facebook, Instagram, and websites that their potential buyers visit

Do this for them, and you’ll be surprised at the rate that your agents increase their productivity in order to focus on what’s most important, serving their clients.

Train your agents to be digital experts
The next step is training. It’s not enough to simply start automating your agents’ services if they are not equipped to use the service to its fullest potential. Arm your agents with the understanding needed to get the greatest impact from the service you are providing.

For example, brokerages who are part of the Adwerx Enterprise Automated Listings Advertising Program have access to customized digital workshops, where expert consultants train their agents on how to use automated listings to win more listing presentations and leverage the program to win more referrals.

Recruit top agents to join your firm
The last step is recruiting. Remember, becoming a platform means it’s easier for agents to be successful with you rather than the brokerage across the street. Agents want to work with a brokerage that provides them with access to the latest and greatest technologies. If you are already at the forefront of this, use it to your advantage. Promote your services in your recruiting presentations, and clearly explain the benefits of joining your firm.

Plan for a successful 2019 by figuring out which services allow your agents to be more successful with you, and consider adopting a service that automates the work for them. To learn how Adwerx Enterprise can help automate your agent’s satisfaction, visit