Is your old boss stealing your clients?

If your personal brand gets lost in corporate messaging, your past customers won’t remember you

When you send a potential buyer or seller to your current website, what do they see? Is it your face? Your name? Your logo, colors, images, and content? Or is your personal touch getting lost in a sea of multi-million-dollar branding belonging to the biggest names in the business?

Sure, a company-provided website and CRM seem great at first, but when you leave, you leave all your data behind. It now belongs to them. Your customer base is now in your competition’s hands, and you’re left to rebuild from the ground up. It’s time to brand yourself as the local go-to agent so that no matter where you work, your referral and repeat clients remember you.

You don’t want your satisfied customers to think of you as Keller Williams or Century21. Sure, those brand names carry weight, but they don’t define you. By directing clients to your own website, nurturing them with your own marketing, and continuing with your own follow-up, you can ensure that your past clients remain loyal to you —and not necessarily your former company.

Control your brand with a personalized website

Contrary to popular belief, spending weeks (or even months) creating a completely custom site isn’t necessary. In fact, your customers will never know the difference. What matters is your content. How you help. Your brand. You.

With Pipeline ROI, we make it especially easy. Simply insert your headshot and logo, choose your brand colors, select or upload custom images, write some copy that reflects who you are (or use our pre-written materials to get you off the ground), and that’s it! No coding, no stress. Just good, clean web design that will impress your clients and save you energy.

We even include pre-written eBooks, pre-designed landing pages, and pre-configured forms so you can collect the leads you deserve without losing sleep over creating all-new content.

Showcase yourself in every campaign

We get it — marketing is time-consuming. Not only that, it’s complicated! That’s what makes it so easy to lean on the campaigns and messages your office has provided for you.

And it makes sense. Why spend time re-inventing the wheel? Your email drips are right there. Your messaging to past clients is already taken care of. Your customer information is housed safely in your company database.

But have you stopped to think about what your potential buyers and sellers are really seeing? That’s right – those big names again. Your current office’s information. They haven’t seen YOU.

And, when you leave, where are their names, phone numbers, and email addresses? Still housed safely in your now-former company’s database.

Control of your marketing, branding, and messaging is critical to true ownership of your business. No matter where you decide to go (or even if you open an office of your own), your hard work should remain.

That’s why we’ve included a full CRM, complete with pre-made emails and campaigns. That way you can send messages to your leads and past customers automatically, just like with your company-provided tools.

The difference is, with Pipeline ROI, you can pack up all of your information and take it with you. You can send emails that refer only to you. You can point customers to a site that converts them into a lead who knows your name.

We hope to empower the individual agent, as well as teams and entire offices, to take control of their marketing and branding. New content and product rollouts are happening quickly around here, and we couldn’t be more excited to help more real estate pros succeed.

Pipeline ROI is the all-in-one marketing and brand management platform created specifically for real estate professionals. It includes a mobile-responsive website, CRM, IDX, drip email, pre-written pages and content, social posting, and more. It helps you take control of your business from one location for one affordable price. Click here to learn more.