Why you should generate your own leads

Want to grow your business? Don’t outsource lead gen.

Lead generation is the lifeblood of your real estate business.

Yes, your sphere of influence should be a reliable source of business. Referral and repeat clients are the results of being a trusted advisor in your community.

But often repeat and referral business reflects more of the same, fitting into a specific locale and within certain price points. If you want to grow your business, and tap into more profitable niches, you need to open up new sources of business. You need to generate new leads.

That’s why many brokers turn to third-party companies to help them fill their pipeline with new leads. But there is a definite risk in buying leads from an aggregator. Because those leads are also being sold elsewhere at the same time. And that turns the very real person behind the lead into a commodity being passed around — a less than ideal customer experience on which to build a relationship. When you connect with these leads, they have no idea who you are.

That’s why it’s critical that you generate and own your own leads–driving customers to your own website. But lead generation is time-consuming. And time is an agent’s most valuable resource.

As a broker that is growing your business, you need to recognize where to spend your time. Doing a deep dive into Facebook advertising might consume more than 250 hours a year. This is time you aren’t spending interacting with buyers and sellers.

You also need to have strategic knowledge of digital marketing. Some agents make the mistake of advertising online without knowing how to target their marketing, and they end up spending their budget by promoting to customers that may not even be in their market area. And if your marketing budget is only a couple hundred dollars a month, it will be difficult to get enough data to determine what works and what doesn’t.

How the YourWayHome team supports agents with lead generation

YourWayHome – 30+ Exclusive & FREE Leads Per Month from Your Way Home on Vimeo.

At YourWayHome, we don’t require our agents to be fluent in digital marketing. We don’t want them developing campaigns and tracking conversions. We want them focused on delivering excellent customer service to buyers and sellers.

That’s why we have systems that will help them nurture their current sphere of influence. And more importantly, we help fill their pipeline with genuine, qualified leads that are just for them.

It starts with a digital presence. We help our agents create local, original content on their local neighborhoods and schools that helps differentiate them from national aggregators.

Our marketing director runs hundreds of different ad campaigns each day. Each ad campaign is designed to generate leads for one specific agent on our team. We promise each agent thirty leads per month — and each lead is generated by an actual registration on our website, in the neighborhoods targeted by that agent. This results in a higher conversion because agents are getting leads from outside their area of expertise.

The YourWayHome team has also compiled all of the new home community information that isn’t in the MLS or available on national websites. We have each agent assigned to a local territory. These agents contribute articles on their local areas, helping to brand themselves as trusted experts.

Our agents go onsite to new communities and post videos about the neighborhood and area. This gives buyers from out of the area a better feel and solidifies our agents as knowledgable experts.

YourWayHome – Exclusive New Home Territories from Your Way Home on Vimeo.

These content-rich digital experiences help capture qualified, local leads, at which point our ISA steps in — following up with each inquiry within two minutes by phone or by text.

The YourWayHome team is expanding nationally and hiring agents in nineteen states. We empower our agents with the reach of a tech powerhouse but retain the hyperlocal feel of a boutique agency.

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