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Comfort zones are nice. They’re just so predictable and — comfortable. With the way our world works now, especially in tech, it is near impossible to avoid change. Yet, some people still manage.

Apr 1

People are incredibly image driven, and having compelling imagery can truly determine how quickly you find a buyer for your listing. One of the ways you can maximize the power and reach of your imagery is to establish a bold presence on Pinterest.

Mar 17
Agents can still build their business despite recent changes to the platform
Jan 20

An old friend once shared a story about his start in real estate, and it has stuck with me for years. In the early 1980s, he would drive to a neighborhood, park his car and go door to door, introducing himself to the owner of each home and striking up a conversation. Whether the conversation turned to the topic of real estate or not wasn’t the point. His goal was to meet people and build relationships.

Dec 17
Door-to-door is gone with the wind, but you can create a community online
Dec 17