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But, this misleading concept of luck has the rest of us believing that we are unlucky. This theory is plainly untrue, horribly debilitating and it serves as a scapegoat when we aren’t doing well. We blame it on luck and take no action or responsibility — don’t be that person. Instead follow these six steps that will help you create success.

Jul 2

“Why should we hire you instead of another real estate agent?” Do you fear this question? If so, you probably have not identified your unique value proposition (UVP), which is what makes you different.

Mar 10
Take some advice from Nike's slogan and 'just do it'
Jan 21
Consumer-driven websites are good for the industry
Jan 8

If you work in real estate, you have likely heard or spoken this sentence: “Zillow is killing the industry.” Well, here’s a controversial opinion: In spite of the prevailing opinion, our industry is actually thriving in the age of consumer-driven, third-party real estate websites.

Jan 8