A rally at NAR headquarters in Chicago drew few Realtors on Monday, but organizers at the NAR Accountability Project declared a win nonetheless after NAR lost its 'Great Place to Work' merit
Sep 18
Robert Kiyosaki's social media post was the latest viral prediction about the short-term rental giant. Will this be the one that comes true, or is it another hoax?
Sep 15
Home values are now 11.4% lower in Austin, Texas, than they were in Aug. 2022, Zillow said. Nationally, prices were up slightly from July to August, and there was a small inventory uptick
Sep 13
At $2,052, the median monthly rent remains near its all-time high. But builders are wrapping up construction on thousands of new units, and rents could start falling soon
Sep 12
Suburban landowner Suzie B. Wilson has acquired hundreds of largely vacant properties in the city's south and west sides while garnering thousands of tickets worth millions of dollars
Sep 11
A lawsuit filed by a renter in Seattle accuses property management software firm and major landlords of violating antitrust statutes through a product used to set rental rates
Sep 8
Jonathan Pruzan, once thought to be a front-runner for CEO of Morgan Stanley, has been selected to run Pretium, a firm that owns tens of thousands of single-family rental homes
Sep 7
New tool comes as more homeowners look for ways to offset high housing costs, and as Airbnb looks to add more supply to keep prices down
Sep 7