David's Stories

On Aug. 5, Twitter introduced its new ads editor to let you create and edit multiple advertising campaigns in one place, simultaneously. The new editor allows you to revise large numbers of campaigns using a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Aug 13

If you are in business, any business, you need to know how to operate four pieces of processing software.

Jul 23

Sorry, Eric, the sky isn’t crying. Those tears are from the people whose cloud-stored data, documents, photographs, personal information and other files have been, are being and will be hacked. The security breaches are ongoing, and will never end.

Jul 10

Because your elevator speech won’t do you any good in prison, keep your eyes open. If you observe any of the following activities, money laundering might be afoot.

May 21

Most people have accidentally sent an email that wasn’t quite finished or wasn’t addressed to the right person. Well, Gmail gives you a 10-second window to take it back.

Apr 6

As you learned in real estate school, fiduciary duty is the obligation you have to act in the best interest of your client at all times and to protect your client and your client’s vital information from the bad guys. There are a lot of bad guys.

Mar 19

Never turn down an opportunity to speak to the public. After all, you give presentations all the time, whether you’re trying to explain what you do for a living to your daughter’s kindergarten class or addressing a joint session of Congress.

Jan 6
Get comfortable with your own voice and master your fears
Jan 6