Chris's Stories

There's a lot we can learn from the ancient stoics in order to have a more fulfilling life. Let these tips lead you to contentment and higher performance
May 3
Solid, sustainable growth is part of any successful business plan. These seven tips provide essential fundamentals for smart and lasting growth
Apr 21
Money mastery is a skill set that all business owners can, and need to, learn to achieve long-term business success and longevity. It's at the heart of creating a true legacy in real estate
Mar 22
One-on-ones give you the opportunity to create positive change and move your organization forward. Here's how to make them more effective
Feb 9
Finding the right candidate for the job is more art than skill. Those who tend to make it in real estate are the ones who can navigate these 5 questions successfully
Jan 20
In every business or sport, the difference between good and great is significant when you look at results. However, when you look at the work itself, it's usually the small things that elevate a B-team to an A-team
Jan 6
As we head into a new year, what are you doing to drive profit and create value for your team members and clients? Start making a plan by asking yourself these five questions
Dec 1
Whether a loss of momentum or a full-on crisis, turnarounds are tough — not impossible. Here are five steps teams use to turn it around for the win
Nov 10