Jeffrey's Stories

The Internet is a sea of information. There is an answer to almost any question one could think to ask. Unfortunately, as with anything as big as the Internet or the sea, there can be pitfalls — and pirates.

Jun 22

Mortgage loans are a good thing. They provide us the opportunity to purchase and occupy a home before we have all the funds to do so. This opportunity does come at a price. The price is the amortized payment schedule, which means each month part of the payment goes toward both the principal balance and interest payment (cost of the loan) until the homeowner pays the loan in full.

May 22

The hot topic in real estate used to be the marketing, buying and selling of homes and property. It seems as though the buzz has been replaced with discussions about data feeds, real estate portals and syndication. Well, this is a story about just how far out of brokers’ control those listings have drifted.

May 15