Marnie's Stories

Having unique processes that are readily available and well-supported for marketing, education and technology help agents succeed and can set your brokerage apart.

Jul 1

I work at dotloop, which is first and foremost a millennial company (90 percent of our employees are from Gen Y). As a general rule, millennials are willing to go above and beyond job requirements, which makes them a valuable asset to any company.

May 6

At long last, the millennial generation has reached homebuying age. As one of the biggest populations yet, millennials are characterized by their use of technology and their team-oriented mindset.

Feb 25

We all know what it looks like when a professional relationship grows into a personal relationship. In some cases, this can actually be a good thing because many great friendships do grow from professional relationships. But it’s a fine line to balance, and sometimes mixing the personal with the professional can be disastrous.

Dec 12
The things you share on Facebook just might come back to haunt you
Dec 12