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Theodore Levitt, a Harvard business professor and editor of the Harvard Business Review, wrote in that magazine how the “ongoing nature of services and the growing complexity of technology” will change the seller’s focus from “simply landing sales to ensuring buyer satisfaction after the purchase.”

Sep 20

Autumn is a season of change. Summer fades fast, temperatures fall, and homeowners are faced with new challenges and opportunities. Many agents send annual clean-up reminders, but there are other opportunities for meaningful engagement.

Oct 12

Social networks make it possible to reach more and more people to whom you’re meaningfully connected. It’s at the social fringe — the brother-in-law’s brother-in-law, the doctor’s mechanic — where many real estate agents find new business.

Sep 24

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last month, some of the most popular gadgets seemed unusually mundane: Refrigerators, thermostats and air conditioners all received a remarkable amount of attention. That’s because technology companies are outfitting familiar appliances with Internet-enabled dashboards and mechanical systems.

Feb 16

Selling a home is a team effort. In addition to the broker and the client, there’s the mortgage lender, the painter, the title lawyer, the plumber and a host of other home services professionals. And the real estate agent must be the team coach.

Jan 26
It's about much more than the delivery of content
Jan 12

An agent’s ability to network — whether it’s with the mortgage lender or the landscaper — shapes a client’s experience when buying or selling a home, and thus also shapes the likelihood that the client will refer or rehire the agent in the future. That’s the obvious way that a strong network can lead to new business.

Dec 23
Your vendors are a vaster resource than you might realize
Dec 23