Tonya's Stories

A typical buyer purchases a house to live long-term. Real estate agents expect these buyers. Investors aren’t your typical buyer, but these buyers purchase property in exchange for a resale, to rent or to rebuild. And contrary to popular belief, it can be incredibly beneficial to work with these types of buyers.

Apr 13
Independent contractors have the opportunity to get a lot back this tax season
Mar 21

During off-seasons and downtimes, it’s easy to get lazy. The winter months, holidays, and rainy days turn a busy office into a quiet one. Remaining productive during slow times keeps you active until it speeds up again, and it gives you a leg up on the competition.

Mar 11

The Rams are coming home. Sports enthusiasts know the history: The St. Louis Rams started as the LA Rams. They moved to St. Louis in the ’90s during a local recession, but late last year, the team announced its return to Los Angeles.

Mar 1
The Los Angeles real estate market is expected to have a few new trends
Feb 25

The National Association of Realtors has issued a warning to real estate companies, agents and buyers. Cyber criminals are using cloud storage and free email services against you. While it sounds harmless, using common software to steal information is forcing real estate agencies to fix loopholes. These criminals aren’t reckless; they are sophisticated.

Dec 17