Opt-out clause would make it easier for borrowers to defend against deceptive lenders
by Jack Guttentag | Feb 23
Long-term mortgage rates float just above 5.5%
by Lou Barnes | Feb 20
Don't be dazzled by
by Jack Guttentag | Feb 16
Economy thirsts for job growth, interest-rate equilibrium
by Lou Barnes | Feb 13
Borrower beware of 'payment shock' when monthly installments begin to rise
by Jack Guttentag | Feb 9
Concerns over insufficient tax revenue appear on political horizon
by Lou Barnes | Feb 6
'Fully indexed rate' the best indicator
by Jack Guttentag | Feb 2
Inflation rate needs to rise to nearly 2% before economy can gain speed
by Lou Barnes | Jan 30
Borrowers who make late payments disadvantaged by daily interest accrual
by Jack Guttentag | Jan 26
Global trade, currencies push prices up, rates down
by Lou Barnes | Jan 23
If using a mortgage broker, insist on written lock confirmation from lender
by Jack Guttentag | Jan 19
Despite uptick in retail sales, office market still in decline
by Lou Barnes | Jan 16
Having a third party can 'obscure' who's to blame in loan pricing
by Jack Guttentag | Jan 12
Despite weak job market, surge in corporate earnings good for stocks
by Lou Barnes | Jan 9
Protecting 'profitability' a top concern
by Jack Guttentag | Jan 5