The Inman 101 includes rebels, CEOs, power brokers, misfits, deal-makers, newbies and innovators whose ideas and actions will influence the way homes are bought and sold. It is a diverse mix of new and seasoned; the high- and the low-profile; small and mega brokers; top producers and everyday agents; old school leaders and entrepreneurs — all of whom never stop doing.

“It is not who you are, it is what you do,” said Publisher Brad Inman. “It is not about yesterday’s achievements but what we expect from them in the future.”

Thousands of capable and purposeful professionals are changing the course of the industry, but this is our pick of 101 we are watching closely as they face and forge an evolving landscape.

This year, we are recognizing The Inman Doer of the Year, Sarah Leary, co-founder of Nextdoor, the free and private social network for neighborhoods that is connecting neighbors and making communities safer.

The criteria considered in the selection process. In the past year…

  • Did this person use her power to change her company?
  • Did this person use his power to change other real estate companies?
  • Did this person use her power to influence the industry as a whole?
  • Did this person make decisions that created change within the industry?
  • Did this person influence regulatory and legislative decisions improving real estate?
  • Did this person influence public opinion about the real estate industry?
  • Did this person create applications, programs, services, business models or technologies that have led to changes in the industry?
  • Did this person help improve the home buying, selling or renting process?
  • Did this person put the consumer first in their real estate business?
  • Did this person invent, introduce or build an entirely new business or technology that could disrupt the industry?

The selection process:

We collected nominations and recommendations from the Inman readership through Facebook, emails and outreach.

The Inman editorial team recommended individuals based on their knowledge from reporting on industry innovation and leadership. The Inman conference content team made recommendations from more than 400 vetted speakers at our events. Dozens of Inman Ambassadors weighed in with their suggestions.

We compiled a list of 400 eligible prospects.

We culled that list down to 247 individuals and further reduced to 166, and then sought further input from the Inman team and a set of outside advisers and industry experts.

After adding and subtracting over a weeklong period of further vetting and culling, the final 101 were selected.

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