Agentpress Launches Wordpress Themes for Real Estate

AgentPress is a brand new WordPress theme released today, designed specifically for use by the real estate industry. The theme is a collaboration between WordPress designers StudioPress and the real estate blog

You can see a live demo here.

It’s a sharp looking design that really pushes WordPress beyond its blogging basics. For just shy of a hundred bones (a pretty small investment really) you get a great looking web site with a lot of baked in functionality.

But more than just a good looking site — with a choice of four color schemes — you get the benefit of WordPress’ fantastic SEO optimization, an integrated blog and all the great plugins and hacks available to WordPress site owners.

I particularly liked the way Agentpress gives you customizable listing templates for individual properties which incorporate some nice design elements like the Lightbox-esque popups and embedded Google Maps. Plus, because each listing is stored as a separate post in the WordPress database, Agentpress gives you a modest property search tool right off the home page to index your individual listings/posts.

Marry these property pages with a vanity URL and you’ve got yourself a pretty snazzy single-property website.

After a bit of a lull, there’s been a slew of real estate-related activity on WordPress recently, starting with the Local Market Explorer plugin released by Zillow (see New Local Market Explorer plugin for WordPress).

Now, with premium theme options like Agentpress (the iReal Estate Theme is another premium theme available for purchase) and an embeddable IDX solutions like that from Diverse Solutions, you’ve got the makings of pretty kick-ass website – right off the shelf.