Augmented Reality Real Estate Valuations

French company (“best agents”) has released a mobile Android application that displays the value of every single building in Paris (value is displayed in price per square meter). Here’s a quick video demonstrating it in action:


The application is very similar to Zillow’s iPhone app (see Zillow Takes Zestimates to the Streets); which also displays home values – but for me, the street level view is far more visually exciting than the top-down, satellite view presented in Zillow’s app.

The app uses the Layar Reality browser, and the app will be available shortly for the iPhone 3GS in France.

The release of iPhone 3.1 update now technically allows apps to overlay graphics on a live video stream, so we’re inching closer to true augmented reality. Some apps in the US already take advantage of this, the Yelp app’s hidden monocle feature for example.

The promise for augmented reality real estate applications is certainly exciting; virtual for-sale signs and property descriptions, even the layering of interior room photos over exterior views of home.

I’m sure  we’ll be seeing much more of these sort of apps in the months to come.