Cyberhomes AVM is a Total Joke

Mike’s Corner breaks the news of another AVM hitting the web, this time from Fidelity National Information Services, called Cyberhomes.

I’d love to comment on it, share my opinion or just revel in its soft, pastel Web 2.0 color palette. But unfortunately it doesn’t support Firefox (see screenshot). Greg says Safari doesn’t work either – which leaves all Mac users out in the cold.


I find it unbelievable that in this day and age, when Firefox now claims almost 30% of browser uses (closer to 50% on my server logs for this blog) and Apple has doubled its laptop marketshare to 12 percent, that web sites still are designed to work in only one environment (Internet Explorer).

What a joke.

Update: Per the comments below, it looks like Cyberhomes does now work in Firefox and I’ve subsequently been able to have a look at the site on my Windows PC at work. I’ll reserve judgment for now and put my experience down to Beta glitches and late night grouchiness.