Google Getting in to Mortgages?

photo credit: woodleywonderworks

Since Zillow launched its Zillow Mortgage Marketplace it has received over 28,000 loan requests (see Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Borrowers Have Spoken). Pretty good showing for a service that is only a little over a month old.

But it seems like Zillow is not the only online player who’s eyeing this market as an opportunity… word from SearchEngineLand that Google UK has launched Google Merchant Search – a way for consumers to compare and shop for loans from various originators (see FAQ).

No word whether this service will make it to US shores and how Google may end up integrating the service into its search results, though I could see them implementing the service into a Google Search for mortgage loans – much like how they integrate property listings from Google Base into real estate searches (see Another Hint at Google Real Estate?).

If they did, it could be a real blow to the services provided by Zillow and LendingTree and others.