Google Trends An Fascinating Research Tool

Google has just launched an amazing new tool, one that Steve Rubel is calling "a must-bookmark for every PR person and marketer worldwide".

Google Trends allows you to see a graph based on searches for particular term and its relationship to the total number of searches. (You can also compare up to five terms by separating them with a comma). The result is a graph with peaks and valleys over time, that gives you a good sense of how popular a particular term or topic is. You also get geographical results of where your search is popular.

Here are just a few things that I've learned in using Google Trends:

After a big spike, interest in Zillow seems to be heading downwards.

Not suprisingly, Real Estate searches mirror many of the hottest markets in the US – Tampa, Phoenix etc. More surprisingly, its even more popular in Australia.

Lots of talk about a housing bubble, especially in California. And after a slight lull in 2005 it seems to be on the uptick again.

Has anybody else come up with some interesting results?

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