Quick Tip: cut through the Facebook noise – 4 simple steps to connect with clients

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Facebook is noisy. In between the Farmville games, updates from your friends from high school and photos from people you used to work with – are your clients or potential clients.

So, how can you cut through the noise to connect with those key people? The answer is simple: Facebook lists.

Look at your friend list and pick out the 10-20 people who are potential clients. These are people who you know will be ready to buy or sell in 1-2 years. Remember, Facebook is a way to build relationships and stay in touch. So, the best way to build a relationship and stay top of mind with these key people is to create a list.

Here is how you do it:

Step 1:


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Step 2:

  • Give your list a name – i.e. “Potential Clients” – this list won’t be made public, but name it something easy to remember. Add your top 10-20 people to your list. Click “create”










Step 3: 

  • Go back to this link, and click “Add to Favorites.” Now, when you go to your ‘Home’ screen, you can easily see the list under your Favorites.





Step 4:

  • Make it a point to click on that list a few times a week. See what those key people are doing, comment and like updates or photos, but make sure to be authentic.

Building a relationship on Facebook is similar to in-person. The more you interact, the more of a bond and a relationship you build.

Here are some more quick tips on Facebook strategies:

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