Real Estate Marketing Trend : HDR Photography

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by bhophoto

HDR (High dynamic range) photography is when you take a series of photographs each shot at a different exposure setting and then use post-processing software (like Photoshop CS2) to combine the images into a single picture.

You can see the stunning results by wading through the HDR Pool on Flickr (which includes some beautiful shots by my buddy Bennett Ho who took the image at the beginning of this post).

Because HDR really makes colors and detail pop, it’s only natural that it would find its way to real estate for listing photos.

Whether it’s calling it by another name or packaging it into a bundle, I suspect HDR is going to have a real influence this year in real estate marketing.

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The great thing is that it’s fairly easy to accomplish using a inexpensive DSLR (I use a Canon Rebel myself), so even if you don’t spring for a third party service you can do it yourself. If nothing else, you’ll be making sure your shots don’t end as one of The 24 Worst Bad MLS Photos of the Year.