Real estate technology adoption: How brokers and real estate teams can keep the edge [webinar recording]

Tips and tricks for choosing the best platform, overcoming agent challenges

In our second-to-last webinar of 2013 we had a great conversation about real estate technology adoption and how to bridge the barriers. From problems and solutions to training tips and ideas, we covered a lot! Catch the replay below.

Brokers and real estate teams lead the charge in choosing the right the systems and technology platforms. The adoption of these tools helps agents grow their businesses. But that comes with challenges when agents have different levels of “technology comfort,” work styles and even lifestyles. Whether you work in the office or from the field, how do brokers and team leaders help their agents keep the edge in technology?

In our free webinar, hear real success stories from our panel of brokers — Joe Schutt, Tammy Stuart and Kim Knapp — who can help answer these questions:

  • As you move towards creating a digital/paperless office, how do you determine which digital platforms are best?
  • Are you settling for the technology that is given, or do you choose your own?
  • What are the biggest challenges in choosing and adopting technology?
  • How do you manage employees with lower levels of technical ability or those who don’t want to adapt?
  • How has it helped benefit both your clients and organization?
  • What are your biggest challenges with using technology in your transaction work flow?

This webinar is sponsored by @Caratvi.

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