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Apr 14
Wow, does anyone else feel like the 'pulse of the market' is more like a rapid heartbeat at the moment? 
Mar 29
Future-proofing your business from technology means spending more time on relationships. Here's how
Mar 19
Be sure to make time for these can’t-miss sessions at tomorrow's Connect Now
Mar 12
Our Inman Community was buzzing about the Zillow-ShowingTime acquisition. Going into the day, I knew the chat stream would be busy when Errol Samuelson came onstage to discuss the big news. It was. But that wasn't all. Here are some notes I wanted to share 
Feb 25
Don’t miss Zillow’s Errol Samuelson, strategies for manufacturing listing inventory and all the haps on real estate’s upcoming IPOs. Join us on Thursday, Feb. 18
Feb 11
Inman Ambassadors reveal their biggest 'a-ha' moments from our 3-day virtual event
Feb 4
The Inman Brand Ambassador Team of 2021 will have a full calendar year of community events, with their inaugural introduction Jan. 26-28 at Inman Connect
Jan 19