Reply Needs to Pull Its Head Out has launched a new site; ConnectWithLife, which taps APIs from Oodle (for listings) and Zillow and Cyberhomes (for valuations). For mortgage quotes, it has a cobranded Bankrate landing page.

The site is a mess. I’m not even going to waste the energy it would take typing to review what’s wrong with it.

In my opinion, Reply! is a case study of a direction-less enterprise; it took $17 million in VC funding last year (see Reply! Launches… And Falls Flat On Its Face) and still hasn’t figured out what the heck it’s doing.

ConnectWithLife just looks to me to be a slapped-upped attempt to pacify investors so the cash-burn party can continue.

But don’t fear, “coming March 2008, will forever change performance marketing with a revolutionary new platform”.

Can’t wait.

(h/t Realty Thoughts)