Seth's Advice for Real Estate Agents

From his Seth Godin:

Quit being an agent. Get a job doing something else.

He’s serious too. But not for everyone.SquidZipper

His advice to those that stick around? Get Hyperlocal. And to that effect he had the guys at Squidoo (which he founded) build SquidZipper, a place where Realtors can become “Mayor of Zipcode”.

Now I have a lot of respect for Seth and his advice, while valid (definitely read the full post), won’t really come as news to anyone who reads this blog or any number of others out there that have been promoting this approach for while now.

I think he (and Squidoo) may just be a little late to the party on this one.

I’m just not sure Agents really need yet another place to blog hyperlocally. And Squidoo, for all its promise as a destination for user generated content, has never really taken off.

That said, Seth’s reputation carries a lot of weight and will probably prompt more than a few to try. I’d be interested to hear anybody’s experience with site and whether they get any results.

(h/t VARbuzz)