Success with Spot Runner?

A profile on Spot Runner from Money Magazine features a Realtor’s success with the DIY television advertising service. I first wrote about Spot Runner in an earlier post, where I criticized TV advertising in general as being ineffective. This piece however, highlights Sharon Nyman – a Century 21 agent in Key West, who claims that advertising through Spot Runner landed her a $7.9 million listing.

Although Nyman said she hasn’t had any buyers contact her directly yet, the traffic to her Web site has increased drastically. “It’s already starting to set me apart from other realtors,” she said.

And the best part? “I was competing with another realtor to list a $7.9 million house and because I was able to offer TV advertising, I landed that listing.”

You can click here and watch Nyman’s commercial. Personally, I’m not blown away by the production quality of her ad. But, I guess the price is right.

Was I wrong in doubting the power of TV advertising?

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